Sunday, December 15, 2013

Still in Sheung Shui

 Moves were this week, but nothing  really changed. Elder Van Orman and I are still together, which to me is pretty good, he's been a good comp for me this move. I just hope he doesn't get sick of me. Little Chinese apartments make me hyper. For some reason, this new move has given me new energy for the work. I want to do my best and leave Sheung Shui in awesome shape, so I'm gonna work hard. I think I'm spending Christmas and Chinese new year in Sheung Shui. The members are gonna be sick of me. Everyone is saying "like father, like son" cause Elder Staheli spent his first 9 months in Sheung Shui. Btw, Elder Staheli went zone leader this move, which is awesome! 

 That's about it for me, things are going pretty good, home sounds pretty good too. Honey's shoe story is hilarious. That would happen to her. The weather here is coldish but definitely not like Utah. I kinda miss snow a bit, oh well, rain's nice too. 

 As for Christmas call, I can anytime, I just can't figure out the time change. We could do it whenever is good for you. The package I heard is in the office but we haven't picked it up quite yet, maybe today.  Oh, and we didn't find poopy pants, it's super hard to find if you aren't a naitive, but we'll keep looking. I hope you a have an awesome Christmas.

Elder Osborne

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