Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy New Year!

 This week was really good! Ivan got baptized! It was really good! Not much other news besides that. Things are going good. Moves calls is in a couple weeks(feb 13th) It should be interesting to see what happens. 

 People go to mainland for new year to visit their hometowns and families. It's like going on a trip to grandma's house for Christmas. Hong Kong gets pretty deserted for a few days for new year, especially where I am cause I can see Mainland from our apartment, literally. Despite all the odds though, our companionship is doing really good right now. By the numbers, Elder Van Orman and I are doing better than we've ever done before so far. So yeah, stuff is pretty good:)

 How are Scott and Tracy doing with the baby? whats the name? Is Deloy getting better? 

 Yeah, I'm doing really good on lemon heads, probably don't need them so much, If your sending a package soon make sure to send some photos of new stuff, like football Jug and Indian wedding. Things are pretty good in HK, workin' hard or hardly working. jk on the hardly working part.


I'll just fill in the thingy now.
The best thing this week was: Ivan's baptism:)
The worst thing: getting friend zoned by investigators, funny and sad at the same time.
New food: chicken testes. Really.
Next transfers are: Feb. 13
Things I bought recently: I'm going shopping to buy Ivan some ties today and looking for some chinese books with elder Lau

Investigators: are crocodiles with vests. Toy Story 4?

Picture: ok.
Anything you wanna tell me: Missions are awesome! Baptisms are really cool!

Elder Osborne 
龐 長老 
Ivans baptism:)
 Here's us right after Ivan passed his baptismal interview!

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