Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots of Food

 Home sounds good right now, especially with the super bowl. China is doing awesome too, Chinese new year was pretty crazy. We couldn't get a lot of work done cause everyone was visiting family and doing stuff, but the members invited us to a TON of dinners and food and stuff. It's ridiculous here. I'll try and send some pics if I have them. I learned a ton of Chinese culture vocal and stuff this last week, Elder Lau in our apartment helps us out with that. 

 Dad just said Matt Carr is bishop. It's so weird! I feel like I only left like a month ago. I thought dad was for sure going to be a counselor. He got lucky this time. Things are going pretty good still work wise. Moves are next week so we'll see how that goes. 

 P day today was really good, sorry I'm emailing late, but we had a ton of stuff. First we went to our ward activity hiking up a mountain in our area, which kinda led to a Buddhist temple thingy where we hung out for a bit. Then we made our way like halfway across Hong Kong to Elder Lau's birthday lunch that some members in one of his old areas invited us all to. It was mostly Shang Hai style food, which is really good. After, we took pictures at a really cool park and now we're here in the Kowloon Apple store mooching off their computers for the umpteenth time. Awesome day.

I'll shall now fill out this weeks thingy promptly.                                                                                                                                        
Best thing this week: Tons of food and a mountain hike!
Worst thing: Couldn't schedule anyone for lessons this week cause new years!
New food: 笼包 siu lung bao, dumplings with soup in them! super cool!
Investigators: are doing good, just couldn't see harpy any this week cause new years
Story: Chinese new year is crazy and filled with food.

I'm really blessed to have a good family that helps me and helps other people too. Keep an eye on the missionaries. We're all trouble;) 

Elder Osborne

heres the dumplings and i'll add another pic too cause I can

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