Monday, March 17, 2014

Working Hard

Things are going pretty good this week, not too much to report, just working hard and having success. Apparently our zone did better than it ever has this week by the numbers. Then again Kowlooon West zone is only like 5 months old. It's just really cool to see how hard everyone is working to improve and succeed, we are all doing pretty good at finding(street contacting) and it's exciting to look at how the work is going. So yeah, things are pretty good:) I'm really super grateful to be serving where I am right now, nearly all the missionaries out here in Hong Kong are boss. 

 Home sounds really good, I'm glad Honey is going to the Y, there are quite a few Hong Kong people that go there. Maybe she'll make some Chinese friends:3 Has Lou grown up at all yet besides her height? Jug's doing baseball? that's pretty. China Hong Kong is a super obedient obedient mission. It's helped me learn a lot. China is a really good place to serve. 

This p-day we are going to Korean  barbecue again for some elders birthdays. You should look it up and see if there are any KBQ places in Utah. it's way good:) P-days are good. That's about it for this weeks news. 

Best thing this week: Probably Teaching and talking to this one investigator named peter, he really likes the church cause he wants a good family. He came from a broken home so he wants better for his future. He's cool.

For Pday we are: Eating KBQ My companion: is a boss. Elder Williams is awesome and we are very sassy to each other. New food: Don't remember Color tie today: Maroon I am feeling: Pretty good Investigators: Tons Story: later Tell us about your new area: It's got a lot of stairs, crazy people, and golden people. Life is good, I hope things keep going well. Keep praying for my converts and China, we need it. I love you all and ga yauh! Love, Elder Osborne This is ernest, he helps us fellowship a lot. He's very interesting.

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