Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Doing Great

Hey Mom,

Sounds like you have some explaining and recovering to do. Hope you get well soon. 
(She went to catch a swarm of bees, got stung a few times and ended up in the ER.)
We had an amazing week this week. Tons of miracles and we taught so much we hardly any time to proselyte. There's just a ridiculous amount of good things going on over here in Tung Chung. Even though we don't have lots of time to go finding, Heavenly Father keeps sending new awesome people our way for us to help and teach.

Conference was good this year, lots about families and getting married. First year I felt pressure from general authorities in that aspect. Not sure what to think about it so I'll just think about it later. I'm too young to get married any time soon. Weirdness. I just want to be a good missionary and member when I get back. Super excited that Thailand is getting a temple. Thai food and Thai people are the best.

Also, What is the address of our chapel? I need to send Elder Staheli and others the address.

Well, I hope you are ok and get well soon. Looking forward to the story.

I had a crazy week as well, lots of teaching and conference. good stuff is coming up soon. Glad you are doing well, good luck on your report thing. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Chill, go on a hike.
Best thing this week: had some good news and good lessons.
Wearing: a grey tie Elder Buss gave me.
Investigators: Isaac, Brother Yeung, Frank, Stefano, Tong bou, Joe, Philip, etc.
Food: Not much new lately. Elder Dale and I cook a lot together and eat well though.
Feeling: Weird and happy
Advice: Try not to procrastinate too much.
Story: I'll tell some next week.
Pictures: Don't have any on my camera right now, need to get some from elder Dale

Anything else: not much, things are going well.

Elder Osborne

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