Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Email

Well, It's the last email of my mission, it's been a good run. Tell Nelson thank you for letting you guys know whats been going on the last couple weeks. I'll send some pics that should make up for stuff. Elder Dale is all the way better now, we're doing great still. So yeah Isaac and Brother Yeung got baptized on the 19th, that was awesome, I'll tell you more about it in a bit. Spent all of last p day in a hospital just hanging out with Elder Dale waiting for a stomach-oscapy thing.

Tell Andy congrats from me, Russia is cool, literally. He'll be great. I'll have some time to talk mission stuff with him. That'll be cool.

I'm glad things are looking better, You seem better, Garth seems better, Elder Dale is better, I've still got nothing, so things are good. Not sure what else to write you guys, I had a good mission and hopefully after will be nice too. I still don't really want to go, but I know y'alls needs me so I guess I'll see you friday or whatever Utah time it is over there. I love you, and I love Hong Kong and all the people here.

For pday: Interview with President.
Best thing this week: Got to see a lot of baptisms lately, and a lot more are on the way:)
Wearing: the grey tie I always wear on p day.
Investigators: Lots, still about the same. Found a chill guy named Dexter this week.
Food: Lots of people changing us out. lots and lots.
Feeling: good, still in HK right now. Still got time.
Advice: Go on a mission. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and all the people you will help.
Story: I'll tell ya stories when I'm home.
Pictures: ok
Anything else: not really, tell Andy congrats for me.
How I plan to spend my last few days: just like I spent my whole mission, working.

Elder Osborne

here's some dinners and the apartment messing around with beauty masks.

Nelson sent us some pictures of Elder Osborne's farewell lunch.

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