Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cool Crew

Yeah it's temple day. Super good. It's nice having so many good friends in my district to go to the temple with. Also had a great week, working with so many solid people, taught some really good lessons. I'll tell you some of the cool stories when I get back. Elder Dale and I are super awesome together, we're getting tons of good success and helping lots of people feel the spirit.

Saw pictures of Madie's farewell, that's so crazy how fast that happened. Feels like she just barely got her call. That's awesome that she's going. Also saw Alex with the poopy pants, I think he'll make good use of them. It's awesome to see how good everyone is doing. After email we're going shopping to get some stuff, maybe some cool souvenirs for you guys.

Looks like you had a good week this week, make sure I get Madie's missionary email so I can email her while she's in the MTC and I'm in HK. That would be cool. I like the pics, those tiger poopy pants will be the best things Alex has ever worn. I'm glad you're having fun and doing well. I'm doing awesome, being companions with a Brit is the best. Elder Dale and I are super chill together and find and teach really well together as well. It's awesome. Missions are awesome. I'll fill out the thingy now.

For pday: Temple and shopping
Best thing this week: how good all our investigators are.
Wearing: black suit. red tie.
Investigators: Frank, Tong bou, Philip, Brother Yeung, Noel, Sister Tam, Kennteth, Kenneth2, and Stefano.
Food: Met with sister sung again and ate the best indonesian food ever yesterday.
Feeling: Super grateful and happy.
Advice: Stay grateful and Heavenly Father will give you more things to be grateful for. Be happy.
Story: We were finding on the street when we ran into Stefano, who is super chill and already knew about us cause his good friend is Frank! So now our investigators are fellowshipping our investigators! We've got a cool crew that were already friends before, Frank, Tong boy, and now Stefano. Super cool.
Pictures: ok. here's us in front of the temple.
Anything else: Not much, enjoy life, have fun!

Not really sure what else to write you guys. Oh well. Keep up the good work, I love y'alls and hope you have a great week!

Elder Osborne

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