Sunday, March 1, 2015


Big change this week, Elder Koochin is moving to causeway bay and it looks like I'm finishing here in Tung Chung. My new companion is awesome, his name is Elder Dale and he's from Yorkshire, England! He's one transfer behind Elder Buss, so he's been out in hk for about 9 months so he's got experience.. Just moved from macau. He's so ridiculously cool, super motivated and happy and hardworking, love that. Looks like it's going to be a good move. We like a lot of the same stuff too so it's going to be a blast. We've got some good people we're working with too like Frank and Isaac so I'm happy. Also, Elder Ballard came to HK this last week as well, super boss.

Home sounds pretty good, It's cool that Madie has gone through the temple now, it's a cool thought.

It's amazing all the cool things that are going on now, also, Elder peterson is in my district now, so I'm a happy boy. Boss companion. Best friend in the district, good stuff going on in the area, can't complain.

Hope home is doing good, tell Madie I'm proud of her for being awesome. I'm glad you're all doing alright, keep up the good work, I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Good week this week, got a new comp. this last week, he's from the U.K.!!! Elder Dale is a boss, we're going to tear it up this move. already had a lot of cool stuff happen this last week, lots of cool success and Elder Ballard came here and gave a talk to the missionaries and to the members too. Super amazing. Sorry my emails are getting shorter, I'm just not sure what to write anymore. I'll fill out your thing now.
Moves: Still in Tung chung, my new companion is Elder Dale, this boss lad from Yorkshire.
For pday: probably just going on a hike.
Best thing this week: Elder Dale and Elder Ballard
Wearing: Blue stripey tie
Investigators: Isaac, sister Tam and her son keneth, Frank, and now his friend tom.
Food: Nothing much new Had this cool chinese new year stuff called poon choi last monday. I'll send pics.
Weather: nice, getting warmer.
Advice: Keep up the good work, keep learning and growing and having fun.
Story: when we went to the second elder Ballard meeting (the one for the members, we brought Isaac and Frank and then frank brings his friend tom , which was a surprise for us. So we get there and tom seems pretty just cool guy, doesn't talk much, but then elder Ballard gets going on about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation stuff and tom just sits there taking in the bossness of it all. After he finished Elder Dale turns to him and asked what he thinks and tom said it was amazing, then turns to me and asks, "where can I get a Book of Mormon?" Boom. coolest thing I've ever seen.
Pictures: ok one is poon choi and the other is the wan chai chapel lobby after The Elder Ballard meeting with the members.
Anything else: might come home with a bit of a British accent.
Love, Elder Osborne

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