Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year

Had a good chinese new year, not as much food as last year, but that's ok. Went on a really cool hike in our area with the branch on saturday and did some good missionary work while having some new years fun. We also did a deep clean of our apartment on the 19th for the first day of chinese new year. The whole mission did on that day too. It's nice to have a whole day to clean, wasn't too hard either cause our apartment is spacey and we already keep it pretty clean. not much else besides that I think. Hung out with the branch members alot this week.

Can't believe Lou is driving. Tell Kevin I'm looking forward to aerating too. There's not a lot of lawns here so I guess I'll like aerating even more when I'm back. Tell jug he's awesome and that I miss him. It'll be cool to meet the freeman's, give them a shout out from me. I think I might study Japanese after I learn mandarin. Japanese is cool.

Glad you're doing well, don't worry I missed the sukiyaki too. My chinese new year went pretty good. not too much happened. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: nothing special really.
Next temple day: Don't know yet.
Next moves: This week.
Best thing this week: Hiking with the branch
Wearing: A tie Elder Williams gave me
Investigators: Still got Isaac and Frank
Food: We're going to eat some good chinese new year food tonight at a branch activity so that'll be good.
Weather: rained last night.
Advice: Beware of creepers at BYU I'll kill all of them!!!!!! Stay away from my sister!!!!
Story: nothing much to story.
Pictures: ok. here's some pics of the hike and eating food with the branch after, that's like all I took this week.
Anything else: Not really, things are good, keep studying hard, don't give up!

Not much else to say this week, hope you had a good chinese new year eating Japanese stuff. I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne

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