Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Ate Hades

This week has been about the same as last week, doing good, good improvement too. Working hard. Tell Clay and Kysa congratulations for me, you'll have to send me some pics of my newest cousin, probably a big fat leng jai.

Yeah, I'm running out of stuff to tell you lately, normal stuff going on, got to go on exchanges with Elder Leung this week, he was in my first apartment with me and he's going home next week, so it was good to be with him a bit, Elder Leung is awesome. Elder williams was in the apartment that day too, so it was good to hang with him too. That was a good day.

This p-day we're not doing much, just some exploring the new territories outlet malls and stuff. So how did the super bowl turn out? Who won?

Why is this semester so much harder than last one? Is college gonna kill me? What in the world is a ward prayer committee? The moa looks nice as usual. Well don't get too stressed, have some fun, I dunno, stuff. I'll just fill out the thing now
For pday: Going exploring/shopping
Best thing this week: going on splits with Elder Leung, I love Elder Leung.
Wearing: blue stripey tie
Investigators: got a new guy named isaac, he started going to college when he was 12, and he's 19 now going for his masters and wants to get his doctorate. pretty cool.
Food: nothing too new
Weather: pleasant lately.
Advice: Don't stress out too much.
Story: Nothing too much story worthy
Pictures: ok here's me and Elder Leung and also me about to eat the spiciest noodle soup on the menu (taam jai) felt like i ate Hades, but other than that I was ok.
Anything else: not really, just keep up the good work with life, be happy. Have fun. Work hard.

That's about it this week, hear from you soon!

Elder Osborne

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