Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines

Tell Lori and Delene thanks for giving you flowers from me, those two are the best. haven't got cookies yet, it's probably at the mission office waiting for me right now, haven't stopped by yet. I'm glad everyone seems to be doing really great right now. Had a really good week here as well. the work is starting to pick up here. Actually found a really good investigator named Frank on valentines day. He's awesome, came to church too. Super prepared. Isaac is still good too, he's going to england for chinese new year this week but we'll see him next week. super good week overall.

I'm doing well, not much to tell ya this week so I'll just fill out the thing.
For pday: temple recommend interview and just having fun.
Best thing this week: probably finding Frank.
Wearing: purple tie.
Investigators: Isaac, Frank.
Food: nothing yet, wait till after chinese new year
Weather: it's been super foggy the last couple days. Nice temperature though.
Advice: nothing much this time.
Story: nothing too much, just working with some good people.
Pictures: ok, got some this week. The first is us and Isaac at the temple, and the other is one of my old investigators from Kwun Tong named Jax. Punk kid. Came to a YSA activity in kowloon. Also ran into Kobe there.
Anything else: what's america Cotton on like?

Life is good right now, the only thing really is now I want to try sukiyaki, but I guess there's always next time. I'm glad everyone seems to be happy, tell Jug he's awesome for me. It's good that he likes basketball. Don't let Lou wreck my truck. Can't believe she's already starting to drive.

Well, hope you have a good week this week! I love y'alls!

Elder Osborne

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