Monday, February 9, 2015

Sorry the blog is boring

Sorry I'm a little late for email, the computers were all booked at the library cause we came a bit late, hopefully you're still awake. Anyway, had a really good week this week. Taught Isaac twice, had a fun p-day. We went to Central to help Elder Peterson choose the material for his cheung hings suit, and we also went to this really cool store called cotton on. I think it's from australia, it's like asian hipster with a weird almost american feel if that makes sense. Cool place, bought some stuff on sale. Also had my last zone conference this last week, best one so far, it was all about "looking towards the mark" It's a talk President Hawks gave a while back, and it's changed my life and my mission. Look up Val D. Hawks on google or something and the talk should come up. Read it. It's awesome. President Hawks is the best mission President ever Especially for me.

Nothing too much for this week, the next three weeks will be filled with stuff though, chinese new year, Elder Ballard coming to town, moves is on the 26th, so we'll see if I'm leaving or not, probably not. I never move and I love Tung Chung, so that's ok.

You should see some of the missionaries here play ping pong, some are crazy good. Especially this Sister Wu from Taiwan, she's a professional ping pong player and she's owned all the best elders. Asians are awesome. We've got a lot of really cool people in the mission right now. There's one from Ireland that was a professional golfer, gave it up for the mission. Also have Sister Wu, and one of the asian elders is a professional badminton player. I'm the most boring guy here. oh well, I still have fun, and I get to fill out your thingy every week;)
For pday: shopping, hopefully for the last time, I wanna go hiking soon.
Next temple day: no idea
Next moves: feb. 26th
Best thing this week: teaching Isaac, we taught him the restoration and showed him the restoration video. his reaction was pretty much,"I didn't know you'd get dipped all the way to get baptized, that's awesome!' that doen't mean that he's definitely getting baptized, but it's off to a fun start.
Wearing: black tie.
Food: nothing much that's new.
Weather: pleasant sor far
Advice: have more fun, don't stress too much on the stuff you don't need to. have fun making new friends, love life, but also do your homework on time.
Story: nothing too new.
PIctures: nothing this week, sorry I'm making the blog boring.
Anything else: Not really, Radley looks cute, is he hyper or quiet?

That's about it this week, hope everyone is doing well on the homefront. Radley is cute, I'm not used to Elsie with long hair. Well, keep up the good work, I'll keep praying for you!

Elder Osborne

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