Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fish Eyes!

Well, there's a lot of news this week to tell you guys. I am still in Sheung Shui, and I am now senior companion. I am step training an elder that has only been in Hong Kong 2 months. His name is Elder Van Orman. he's from Ogden. He's super nice but he's kinda like the really green elder from the best two years if you know what I mean. He's super good though, he's a bit nerdy like me and I think we'll do really well together. I'm just still getting used to being senior comp. I've never had any real leadership positions like this before, so we'll see. My last comp went zone leader in the new Kowloon West Zone(they split Kowloon into East and West) He was pretty exited about that. So that's the news so far. Also, I ate fish eye last night at the Lam families house last night. It was actually really good:) you'd like the lam family, the kids all love minecraft and they are all super fun:) The dad is our new ward corellator, he used to be the first councillor in the bishopric, so he's gonna be awesome! 
 Conference was really good this time, I got a lot out of it, It was hard to pick a favorite this time. I'm also glad Pres. Monson seems to be feeling happier and stuff. I like how there was a focus on less actives this time, cause we've got a lot of them that we are working on, trying to get them back to church and stuff.

I'm sure everything will be all right with senior stuff. The fish eye was just in the fish, they cook the whole thing, head and all, because chinese people like the face meat and the eye ball, which turns out to be actually really good! They also had these super spicy chinese peppers too, they grew them in the church garden, which is just a tiny square compared to home. It was good.
Home sounds pretty much the same this week, Honey is good, Jug is good. Lou is Lou. Try to get me Zach's email, he'll definitely email back once he's in the MTC. How did he do on his farewell talk? Looking back, mine was pretty terrible, but I tried so whatever. This p-day we're going to Kong Kok, a shopping place like the one went to in Mexico. Except super asian with lots of cheap fake Dr. Dres and stuff. So yeah, that's about it for this week, I love you and I'll hear from you soon.
Jug should like this stuff:) 

The native is elder kwan, one of elder Maddux's converts. Super awesome!!!
The other is elder Arrington, this pic describes him pretty well.

Elder Osborne

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