Monday, January 12, 2015

Advice on Homesickness

This week was pretty good, it's crazy how many miracles and blessings come when you are doing your best with what you got. We're doing good. Home sounds good, Honey sounds homesick, I didn't expect that from her so much, but it's good, means that we grew up in a good home with a good mom. I've got mission blessings to help me not be homesick. Life just keeps moving on.

Yeah, I still can't cook for myself that well either. I'm not really sure what to tell you about homesickness, you know just about as much as me at this point. I never really got that homesick, and if it did hit me I knew I would see you guys again no matter what. That's a huge blessing of the gospel that I never realized until I moved out. It's a good lesson to learn.

By the way, I just sent some books and poopy pants and stuff your way, should take quite a while, air is too expensive and I got time. The tiger pants are for Alex, Madie can choose a pair if she wants to as well. The rest are mine, but feel free to wear them when you want;)

I'm not going to stay on the mission schedule when I get back, that's weird. I don't think I'm going to be a weird RM. Hopefully. I am going to be awesome though. I'll fill out your thing now.

For pday: Not much, just sent a package home.
Best thing this week: Just seeing miracles keep happening and getting some cool revelations on how to help our situation.
Food: Ate some super good spicy taam jai twice this week. It's this awesome spicy noodle soup stuff. Got up to a spice level that most natives wont even dare to eat. Actually hong kong people don't really like spice at all. I'm not really sure why the restaurants still have this level of spice. I'm glad they do though cause it's awesome.
Wearing: a grey floral tie.
Investigators: got some good potentials coming up, got fonged a lot this week, but it's ok.
Story: Nothing really specific that I can tell as a story this time. Sorry.
Weather: raining.
Pictures: I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I left my adapter at home on accident. I'm a terrible brother, ugh. I feel so dumb on this one. I promise I'll get you TONS of pics next week. Next week is temple day too, so I'll be emailing on tuesday instead of monday.
Advice: Do what you know to do, work hard, have purpose in all you do, that will fight the homesickness more than anything except for praying and studying scriptures
Anything else: Keep up the good work. Been on any dates lately? Any guys that you want to date around campus?

Hong Kong is doing well, I love it more and more every day. I'll miss being a missionary but the Lord put a limit on it, so I guess I'll just trust Him and adapt when the time comes. That's about it for this week, I love you all and I'll hear from you soon!

Elder Osborne

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