Monday, January 19, 2015

Buddha and Baloot

This temple day was super good, had a great temple experience. Good to hear that home sounds like it's getting more normal, I think. Things are going well over here in HK, getting some good work done here. Really not much new to tell you about this week.

Any cool new things going on at home? Is Downton Abbey still good? Any cool new TV shows come out recently? Yeah, I have now idea on what to talk about today. Got the christmas card, I liked having me in it. 

Hope things keep going well for yawls, I'll send some pics and keep you updated.

Well I'll fill out the thing, keep up the good work at school and stuff. 
Got the christmas card?: Yes
For pday: not much, just temple
Best thing this week: temple
Food: ate this filipino stuff called baloot, basically when a chicken egg starts to develop but dies before it hatches, and they cook it and eat it. so yeah.
Wearing: a suit and a bright red tie.
Investigators: nothing new
Story: i'll just send pics
Weather: cold, but not unpleasant
Pictures: ok BIG BUDDHA!
Advice: keep up the good work, you're doing great.
Anything else: Thanks for the old pics of me, I liked it. Keep it up and keep me updated on people.

Elder Osborne

baloooooot! Ate it like it was nothing. Some elders can't even get it down without almost throwing up:)

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