Monday, July 22, 2013

Another week in HK

Dear Family,
 Hong Kong sounds a lot more peaceful than back home, which is weird cause it's usually the other way around. Power down, water down, crazy stuff. I don't think we get many power outages here, everyone is always super ready for typhoons and stuff like that, but we'll see. This week for me was really good! we're having success and all sorts of good stuff! This p-day we went down to where all the super huge bank buildings are. So cool!
 It sounds like the siblings are also doing great, especially Honey with the sweet new job! I bet Lou will do great speaking in church. Patriotism is a fun subject, make sure you make funny faces at her while she's talking. I still do that over here to some of the young men, it's hilarious:) honestly, we've got one of the best wards ever, I wish you could meet them, you would love them. Jug would get along real well with the kids too, they all play minecraft just like us!
I'm still not sure what kind of present stuff you could send, some things the people like here are: food, America, red rock country like arches, and more food. so yeah, just something little, I don't know. The reason why I'd like honey is that everything here is either super asian, or processed foods. I'd like something from home that I can eat, so our honey sounds pretty good right now:) 

Argh! I don't think I can send any pics this week, the computer is being difficult:/ oh well.
I'm so glad everything is going great at home! Things here in Hong Kong are amazing! I'm so grateful to be here! I love you all and hope you have another fun week.
Elder Osborne


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