Thursday, July 11, 2013

Temple day

Dear family,

Sorry about the wait, temple day is today so last monday wasn't pday. It looks like everyone is doing great! The tree houses are awesome! When I saw the pics I thought "Families. It's what it's all about." Yeah here in Hong Kong we really look to teach families, we've already found a couple and we might soon have more! One is way cool, they are called the Tam Family. They are from mainland but they are pretty much fluent in mandarin, cantonese, and english! The real crazy thing about them is that when we first met them, the wife was 9 months pregnant, but they all still went to this ward activity with us, even though it was her due date! They just had their baby about a week ago now. She's a beautiful baby girl and they named her Nina. Plus they are super interested in the gospel, it's amazing! So yeah, families are awesome!

 There's not much new that I know other than we watched the worldwide training video too. It was way good! Honestly, the more a ward and the missionaries work together, the the better the work goes. Our ward is great with that, but we can still always improve! I also bore my testimony this fast sunday. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Brother jang kept teasing me that I would be AP after that. You'd love him and their family. His wife is relief society president just like mom brother jang is a goofball just like dad and the 3 kids are crazy like us kids:) They are the perfect family to teach investigators with:) If we get any good investigators in the ward you should totally invite them over! It's the best way to help people in the church. So yeah missionary work is the best!

I'll send some pics soon! Everything is going great! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

The waffle looking things are called Hong Kong waffles, they are amazing! You eat every bubble thing individually, it's got this good eggy stuff in it:)

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