Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tai Bo Races

This week has been pretty crazy. It was supposed to be our temple day today, but there's a typhoon that just barely came by so we just missed our session cause the temple was closed. So I guess temple day will be another time. Just a normal p-day this week. Thanks for checking up on my card. Should be good, I'll buy some good stuff.

I'm so happy the package finally made it! Poopy pants are awesome!!! Y'alls should wear them in public and see what happens. I'll buy more stuff for everyone once I'm in my second to last move or so, so let me know what stuff you want from hong kong!

Things are going pretty good, our apartment is awesome, we live with some pretty cool people. We also have a pretty cool district too. We're all working really hard so hopefully things will be getting good really soon.

I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: were going to the temple, but there was a typhoon, but we might be going to get elder buss a suit.
This week: good, kind of hard towards the end, but overall super good
Weather: typhoon
Investigators: found an engineering student named william. I don't know how to teach engineers. they don't think like I do. luckily elder buss is an engineer.
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together
I am emailing from: apple store, it's super packed cause the iPhone 6
Food: nothing special. chocolate oatmeal is good.
Story: had a huge church activity at tai bo, members from all over hong kong came. It was a bunch of relay races, kobe and I were together in one and we won:)
Advice: when in doubt, poopy pants
Random: church movies in chinese are very entertaining
Pictures: ok here's me and james, one of our investigators. he's super buff. the other is me, Ivan, and Elder VanOrman. We all went to the activity.

I hope things go well for y'alls. Well, add oil every one, love y'all!

Elder Osborne

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