Tuesday, June 3, 2014


 June came so fast! Gam faai la!! We hit June with a pretty good start, things are looking pretty good. Also, sister Palmer is in my MTC group, she's really boss, you should ask him to tell her story to you, its pretty awesome. She's sister training leader in Tolo Harbor right now. Tolo was my last zone. Honey sent pics of seminary graduation and stuff. Lou looks super tall, whats going on? Why are things happening so fast? Jug is done with elementary too?! Also, Elder Staheli gets home the 22nd of August, you should look him up or something, he'd be fun to talk to post mission. 

Next moves is up in the air. We'll probably stay together is my best guess. Elder Buss still likes me, he's been doing really good this week, he taught his first street lesson all by himself, it was fun. That's about it for this week, today we are going out to lunch with my last comp and Peter 卞, our RC(recent convert) That will be cool, we might also be shopping for more poopy pants as well:) Thanks for all you're prayers, they are working, and so am I:) I love you and pray for you too. Doing my best:) 加油!

Elder Osborne
家庭 是 永恆的.

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