Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Dear family,
 Happy Mother's day Mom!!!! I'll send you a Mother's day letter today with more. Thanks so much for the new CD player, it works very well! I haven't tried my debit card yet, we have cards that give us a little money every week. I'll try it out soon though. Thanks Dad for the letter, I really liked it, it's good to hear from you and everyone else:)

 Lou, I'm not surprised about your snake-murder, you're pretty good about letting things know that you don't like them;) 
How are you doing, Jug? Anyone can feel free to dear elder me or just write or email me through the week:) Honey, I'll respond to your email soon:)

This week I think I figured out where my Osborne anger-passion is buried. It comes out when I feel particularly passionate about missionary work. Feels like I got a mini-Elder Holland in my head somewhere.

Mom I hope you're still doing well in as Relief society President, it sound's like Sister LeDuc's funeral went well, keep up the good work and good funeral potatoes! (to those who like them). Tell Jodi thanks for the Dear Elder and the cookies for me, that was great, especially when she's already got Trevor out in Paraguay.

I think that's about it for this email, thanks for doing all you and supporting me so much!
Elder Osborne

This is where we do laundry and emails! This is also most of us Cantos!

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