Monday, May 20, 2013

MTC Buddies

Leih ho, family!

 We had a great week this week, I feel like I've made some excellent progress with learning the Gospel and the language. I've still got a long way to go with both, but I'm doing great. I'm gonna miss Memorial day with the family, hopefully it's not rainy then.

I can't believe Cody is on the Ravens!!!!! That's so cool!!! Give me the details! What position is he playing? Tell me where Zach is going as soon as you know!! The rain has been really nice here, I love it:) I'm glad things are pretty good at home.

Anyway, I'll tell you about some of my buds here in the MTC. There's Elder Beal (the super ginger in a lot of my photos) He's from Layton and he's our District leader. He's also hilarious and has this great old lady voice that everyone loves. It can't even be described is how funny it is. There's Elder Loderup, Our zone leader, he is a super blonde guy. He's from Texas but his family is Norwegian, so he pretty much speaks Norwegian too. He's super buff but he's got a huge nerdy past like me so we have fun dropping references no one else in our zone has any idea about:). There's Elder Durham, He's a nerd like me, he knows pretty much every bizarro thing I'm into which nobody else knows about, so we get along really well. He's super smart and knows quite a bit of Japanese  but is forgetting it cause Cantonese is super awesome so it requires pretty much every cavity your brain has to learn it. That's about it for him. There's his Companion, Elder Mikesell, who is also hilarious, we end up saying just stupid things to each other and laughing like crazy. Right now what really gets us is pretending to be air traffic control guys saying stuff like: "ninerniner" Random stuff about clear runways and for some unknown reason "number six!" sorry none of this makes sense, you'd just have to be there:) Some of these guys needs books written about them they're so awesome:) 
There's one story I need to tell you guys now, you won't believe it. Our Zone leader, Elder Loderup, who is also in our district had a crazy night last couple nights ago. At about 1:30 in the morning the dorm light comes on and there elder Loderup is at the door about to get ready for the day, except he was completely naked except for the fact that he was wearing his bedsheets as a toga! Best weird wake up call ever. He wasn't sleep walking or anything, he was going to take a shower and said he looked at his towel and thought it was dumb to even have a towel, so why not bed sheets. It was hilarious!

Oh, Elder Russel M. Nelson talked for devo on Tuesday.  It was way cool! And I get to host this Wednesday! Yay! That's about it for this email, I'll email you s'morr soon! I love you all!!

Elder Osborne

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