Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Trainee

 What in the world happened? It's sounds like all the siblings have been through a war zone. Jug broke his arm again?! Why is it always him? I feel so bad for y'alls. I'm doing good, so you don't have to worry, I got a good trainee. His name is Elder Buss,  he's really got a good attitude and is super willing to learn and grow. I get a lot of help from Elder Staheli, Pincock, and Durham too. They got moved into a tripanionship, so that's cool cause we get five people in our apartment now. Elder Wiliams got moved to Tai Wo, right next to Sheung Shui, my first area. Training is kinda hard getting started, cause new missionaries don't know what's going on, can't speak much, and can't understand much either. But Elder Buss is pretty good for me, he's a bit quiet, but he's opening up and we both love Doctor Who so I'm happy. Things overall are pretty good though.

 This week, we are gonna take it easy for p-day. We're all a bit tired. We're doing good though and keeping good morale and stuff. Missions are the most tiring and happy things ever. I've been tired a lot this week, but I've been super happy too, It's fun to share something I love so much and help someone grow like I did in my first move. That's about it for me this week, I hope things get better for the troops back home, I love you all and I'll pray that things'll get better.

Being a trainer is: super tiring but awesome
For Pday we are: taking it easy and hanging out in the apartment
Story: When we went to the mission office to switch comps, the ap's were announcing who was training who, and there was a couple from the U.K. that I wanted to train, but I got this weird feeling I was training elder buss when I looked at him across the room, same feeling as when I saw elder williams right before last moves calls. so now I'm training elder Buss. That's pretty cool.
Food: normal, mcdonalds and lots of good chinese food

Pictures: ok these are me and elder williams like 2 pdays ago and I'll send more

Elder Osborne

here's more of that and me on star ferry going across the bay after conference

here's part of the wan chai area

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