Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This move is almost over and I found out last night that I will be staying in Kwun Tong and training. That's kind of exciting  news. I think I'll be ok though, I just need to kick it up a notch before my trainee gets here on Thursday.
 Conference was really good! I liked the themes, there were a lot of good talks, I liked how it was kinda like stand up for what you believe and love people. I liked conference a lot. Holland was amazing as ever. Nelson and Scott were also personal favorites. Plus there were some really good seventies talks as well. It was weird to see the Carrs in conference, but kinda cool. Tell them I said hi.
 Things are going really good in Kwun Tong even besides all the crazy stuff happening. Our investigators are all doing good and the ward is good. I'm really going to miss Elder Williams, he's helped me learn and grow a lot and we became really good friends through this move. 

For Pday: We just went to this amazing Indian buffet in wan chai called JoJo's. It was 
awesome food, lots of delicious curry.

Teach us how to say something: how to say thank you(not for gifts):mh goi saai. 
Color tie today: purple
 Investigators: lots 
Story: I found out I was training and I got super stessed out, so I took an ibiprofen and drank lots of soda that night while reporting numbers to Elder Staheli. 
What you do in HK for Easter: watch conference and work. 
Pictures:ok, acually the computer wont let me this time, We're emailing at a different 
place than normal this week. sorry.

Elder Osborne

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