Monday, April 28, 2014

Rough Week

 I'm glad things are going better on the home front, things here were a bit rough this week. Don't worry, it'll be ok, just some rough spots with investigators and stuff. Training is going well though. Elder Buss has a really good attitude with stuff and I'm doing my best to train him like I was trained and help him as much as I can with the language and stuff. I'm glad to have a good trainee that is adapting to Hong Kong well and is willing to help and learn. 

 I'm glad you're doing your best to help people in relief society and stuff. I like stories with that. I'm glad the fam is doing better than last week. Keep it up. 

Everyone I met here in Hong Kong that I know of is Ephraim, just like us. I don't know if by adoption or by a straight line, but I will say that I've seen things here that are proof enough to me that at some point China had the gospel. There's some cool stuff that I'll tell you about later. I heard Russia is the place for lost tribe names, so maybe that's where they're kind of focused. 

 That's about it from my side, not sure what else to report, I'll try to give more stories in the future. 

Elder Osborne

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