Sunday, April 6, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! It sounds like you had a very good time this week, yearmark celebration, birthday, conference, that's a lot of stuff to celebrate. Can you believe I've already been out for a year? I can't. Time here goes by way too fast. Elder Durham and I were joking the other day about trying to extend our missions for another two years, I know you wouldn't be too excited, but it would be good. I'm gonna miss this place.

I thought conference was going to be all about missionary work, was it more like that than before? How are things going lately with stuff? HK is doing good, we keep finding new awesome investigators and the ones we are already teaching are progressing pretty well. We are going to this place called "the Peak" in Central today to celebrate our year mark(me, Elder Durham, and Elder Peterson) It's gonna be boss, the view is incredible I heard. I'll send pics next week.

Things really are going good here, People say Hong Kong is a hard mission, but it only depends on your attitude. If you have a faithful attitude, you will have success, if not, then you won't. I'm glad that I have learned that lesson here, I've been really blessed. We're working hard too, that makes a big difference as well.

How is home?  How's Zach? What's the work like in Finland? That's all I got this week. I love you and hope you have a happy birthday (it's the 7th already here, we're lucky time changes let me email during your b-day:)

Next temple day: mh ji. don't know
Best food this week: chinese style papa murphy's pizza.(It's different)
Investigators: Randy just got baptized, peter just got his answer and now wants to be baptized, we got this new guy named tom from another pair of elders that looks like chinese jesus. His hair looks like it's from a herbal essences commercial.
Story: don't remember any right now, sorry.
Pictures: ok
Color tie today: wearing commoner clothing today
For Pday: we are going to "the Peak"
Do you think you'll be transferred? I have this forgoing feeling that I might. Probably not, but We'll see.

Elder Osborne

One is me and Randy and the other is me and Ernest (member) on splits less-active finding. Ernest converted from catholic 2 or 3 years ago, he's super interesting, but he loves missionary work and his best friends are the missionaries, even though he won't admit it.

Wan chai chapel, the 2nd most expensive building the church owns

Me, Elder Durham, and Elder Peterson

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