Monday, April 22, 2013

The Empty Sea

Dear family,
  The time seems to by flying by right now in the empty sea! The language is coming along slowly but surely (which means really fast for normal people, but normal speed for super awesome missionaries like us).
One cool thing that happened this last Tuesday was one of our devotionals. Elder Richard G. Scott came! He was amazing! I'll write you the details in a bit:)
Some more new stuff is that a bunch of missionaries in our zone left for the Philippines today. They were amazing and I'm going to miss them all a lot. With that came new zone leaders. They are Elders Loderup and Hartwig from my district. Our new district leader is Elder Beal (he's the super ginger in most of the photos I sent). That's about all  the news I'll email for now.
 So how's the home front? Everybody good? Let me know soon! 
 Also, Thanks so much for the package! The CD player is awesome and will be a huge help with Cantonese. Thanks for the letters and cookies especially. I missed your delicious cookies of goodness so much, Mom! Thank you so much!
Again, Thank you all so much for everything!
Elder Osborne

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