Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First email!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody! How are you? The mtc is amazing! The people are so great here:) The food is much better than I thought it would be. The orange juice rumors are true for the most part. some crazy elders tried it and some have yet to feel the full effect. Most totally get the runs though.
   The language is tough but I'm sure I'll get it quick:) My companion is really great, his name is Elder Young. He's a great help with the gospel and the lingo and all that. In fact, my whole district is brilliant! I'll tell you guys more about them later. Conference in the MTC was great! There's no distractions so I learned a lot:) The spirit is so strong here I can hardly take it all in.
    Anyway how is the family? Thanks so much for the shower sandals and care package. I got a cheap pair from the bookstore but I accidentally got size 13! It was hilarious! In fact when we're not totally into the spirit or studying cantonese, we're laughing our heads off:)
    Well that's it for now, I love you and miss you all.
                                                                       Love Elder Osborne

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