Monday, April 29, 2013

Oreos for Lunch

Dear Family,
Things here are still really good. This weeks gone by so fast, it's insane. I finally chose my plaque scripture: it's Alma 37: 6-7, I think. It's about weak things being made strong with the Lord and I love it. 

Laundry is going pretty well, The worst thing that's happened is that I accidentally left one pair of black socks in my whites, but all it did was make one of my cheap white t shirts a tiny bit off white in a spot so I guess I'm just blessed:) They've got that cleaner stuff for my collars so I'm good for that. Actually, they've got just about everything a missionary needs at the book store, I was really impressed. As far as I know the Loderups are all from Oslo, but I'll ask him again. Btw, Chris Gustafson is in the MTC now, and we live in the same building, which is pretty cool. He's going to Norway in case you didn't already know. Cantonese is still coming. It's weird, one day, you feel like you couldn't learn a thing, then the next day comes and you got it! It's a bit like a roller coaster in that way. The key is to just have faith and a positive attitude:)

I got the super huge oreo package, everyone was super happy to get that much food:)  Elder Dorman (He's the one on top of Elder Beal and my comp in the bunk bed planking picture) keeps eating all my food! He ate half the Nilla wafers! It was funny and sad at the same time. He keeps trying to diet like a girl and then binges at some time later in the day. It's happened so often, but it just keeps getting funnier! Everyone seems to be gaining weight but me. They feed us really well here:)

That's about it for this email, just one more thing. If you would still like to send me cookies, I think pumpkin chocolate chip is sounding good right now;)

Love you all so much, oh oih leihdeui (i love y'all)
Elder Osborne

These pics are of every elder going to Hong Kong, and one of our old Zone leaders, Elder Call. He left for the Philippines about a week ago. The guy next to me is my bestie, Elder Peterson.

This is me and Elder Beal on our last temple walk.

More of me and Beal + My lunch for today. I'm trying to drink as much milk as I can before HK:) love me some milk:) and oreos:) and cookies in general:)

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