Monday, September 2, 2013


Dear Family,

 We had a good week in Hong Kong. I had a good birthday, but I wish I was still 18. I'm not special anymore! oh well. Also this week was pretty different, on my birthday, some of us missionaries performed in a concert thing at a high school. It was pretty fun for my birthday. This boy band from america was the main event. They aren't famous, they're just touring asia as a service thing. Asians love it because they love foreigners. Us missionaries get it lot too. when we go out finding we sometimes talk to teenages girls who say " I'm not interested, but you are sooo handsome!". Asians, man. Also, they like to take pictures with us. Also funny. There have got to be thousands of people with pictures of missionaries who don't even know who we are. It's just a funny Hong Kong quirk.

Sounds like stuff back home is crazy. I got Jugs football pictures. What a boss. In HK, we'd call him a "lang zai" (handsome boy). He's awesome. 
Things are pretty good here in Hong Kong. Today, we're going to a Bruce Lee exhibit at a museum!! Bruce Lee is so boss! His trainer's grave is in my area, how cool is that!? This mission is legendary! I love you all and hope you're doing well.

Love, Elder Osborne

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