Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Things here are really good! The work is progressing and my and my comp are doing really good together:) Home sounds like something weird and crazy happens every week, did stuff like that happen like that when I was home? Hong Kong has crazy stuff happen too, it just happens everyday so I don't know what stuff to tell you about. Mission tour is coming soon, which means some church leaders in the mission department is coming and checking up on us, we'll see how that goes. Also the Mid-Autumn moon festival is coming up this week too. It's kind of like Chinese Thanksgiving, like getting together with family and stuff, except instead of turkey, they have moon cakes.
 Our investigators are doing great too, Leo is doing great, he comes to church every week now, so that's good:)  I'm so glad that I have the chance to serve such great people here. I hope things at home stay good. The weather is pretty normal here, it should start cooling off and get more mild soon. I love you all and hope that everything is doing well.

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