Friday, September 6, 2013

Hong Kong is Awesome

Dear Family,

 Things are pretty good right now, nothin' much to complain about. This week is temple week so my pday is on wednesday here. That's cool that we have a filipino serving in our ward right now, I'm living with one in my apartment. His name is Elder Dy and he's awesome! Thanks so much for the package, it was awesome, all the stuff is way useful! especially the lemon heads:) 

 Speaking of having missionaries over for dinner, we were eating at an awesome member's house and while were were introducing ourselves, they said I look very "mormon". I don't really know what that means, everyone thinks my comp is mexican and apparently I look like a Mormon to chinese people. So yeah, dinner with members here is awesome fun! Things are really goood over here. I feel like I'm learning Cantonese faster now, which feels really good:) I feel really blessed to be here serving and learning. Hong Kong is an awesome place and I really feel like I belong here. I hope things keep going well for you guys back home, I love you all so much and I'll hear from y'all soon!

Elder Pohng:)

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