Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pet Fairies

 Home sounds crazy. I can't believe it's already been two years since Robbie left on his mission. Missions feel too fast. I hope Trevor gets better too. Being sick on a mission would be super hard. Things here are pretty normal feeling. Things are going pretty smoothly, we've got good investigators and a great ward that helps us a ton:) One cool thing is last night we ate dinner with the Jehng family and our investigator, Nephew. Yes, his name is really Nephew, and he's awesome. The Jehng family is also awesome. They remind me so much of you guys back home. The dad is goofy like Dad The mom is relief society pres. and is also like Mom and the kids are like Honey, Lou, and Jug. Especially the one like Lou. I also learned how to say pokemon in chinese there too. It literally translates into "pet fairies". Chinese translations can be weird like that sometimes.

I think moves calls are on october 8th. We all try to speculate who's going where, but we really can never tell. My comp feels like I'm leaving, but I feel like I'm staying, so we'll see. Yeah chinese translations are really funny. Soda is literally air water, computer is electric brain, to call some one on the phone is "hit give'. you also hit your tie to tie it. My language is awesome, it's fun and weird like me:)

Elder Osborne

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